GOAL Learning and Training Center is a provider of learning experience through educational and training services. It serves individuals who aim to enrich their knowledge on their respective field and develop their skills as associates of their institution. We offer review programs for our graduates who plan to take their board examinations. Our center ensures that our students will be given comprehensive review sessions facilitated by our highly trained partners supported by adequate measurements to assess their preparedness for the board exam.

We also provide training programs to the associates of institutions and companies for them to enhance the skills that will contribute for the enrichment of their duties in their respective fields. This program is open to serve corporate and academic institutions guided by our comprehensive modules to meet the needs of their associates.

It is committed to provide the best quality service to our clienteles through providing the skills and knowledge that enable them to become competitive individuals of our society.


GOAL Learning and Training Center envision itself as an outstanding partner of established institutions and professionals in producing proficient and advanced community of learners with enhanced skills excelling in their respective fields. It is committed to:

G-enerate comprehensive services.

O-ffer further opportunities for personal and career development.

A-ssist institutions and professionals in the progress of their associates.

L-ead the industry by providing the latest and more effective training and workshops.






701 Makalintal Bldg. Boni Avenue

Mandaluyong City 1550 (temporary)

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Venue and Schedule

Review venue for 2017 program is at Smart Driving School Seminar Room located at 74 Apo Street Baranka Ilaya, Mandaluyong City, 1550 Manila. This review venue is MRT-Boni accessible, near Red Cross Mandaluyong.

Our office is located at 701 Makalintal Bldg. Boni Avenue Mandaluyong City.

Review class is every Sunday, whole day. GOAL recognizes that students have different needs and commitment; this review scheme will let student s continue their work or school routine while reaching their GOAL.

For 2017 Psychometrician Board Exam, GOAL arranged a review schedule that will run for 15 Sessions which will start on April.

Review Program

GOAL offers a review program to develop individuals and help them to become a professional in the Psychology field. GOAL maintains a classroom size session to maximize the learning experience for its client. Whole day session every Sunday is planned to accommodate working clients, graduating students and clients pursuing further studies. We will be assisted by various professors and experienced professional in the field from top universities and institutions in every session. GOAL will also offer the help of registered psychometricians (RPMs) to provide us with real life experience, before, during and after the exam.

GOAL will give supplemental sessions in Developmental Psychology, Statistics, Ethical Guidelines, Filipino Psychology and test taking skills. This is the best foundation GOAL offers for students and this program will prepare them in understanding the 4 core subjects of the board exam.

GOAL is committed to provide MORE practice exam to students which aim to stimulate PRACTICE EFFECT and build confidence to ace the board exam.

GOAL will use report card system to track our student’s progress.


Regular rate for Psychometrician review is PHP8,500. PHP2,500 downpayment is required upon enrollment. Fees will be used for review materials, speaker stipend and review miscellaneous fees.

Payment Scheme below is just a guide we can be flexible with the payment terms to fit your preference.

Down Payment Upon Enrollment 2,500
Second Payment 4th Session 3,000
Last Payment 9th Session 3,000


All qualified enrolled students are entitled to discounts below. Only 1 discount will apply per student. Discounts will take effect on the last payment schedule.

1,000 Early Bird Enrolled and down payment settled on or before Feb 1, 2017.
Full payment not necessary.
1,000 Repeaters Board exam retaker of any previous BLEPP batch
500 Group of 3 All members will receive 500 discounts.
1,000 Group of Five All members will recieve a 1,000 discount
1,000 Excellent Grades Attaining 1.5 or equivalent grade for ALL 4 BLEPP subjects


Full Name
Contact Number
Email Address
Name of School
Year of Graduation
Review Day Option

* Steps will be provided to you by our friendly GOALers through FB message. No worries no hurries enrollment process. Please reach out to us through Facebook.

* Please do not settle your down payment until you are instructed to avoid inconvenience.

* Since we are maintaining a classroom size setting and seats are limited please contact GOAL in Facebook for an efficient response. We are updating our capacity real-time.

* Before you proceed please check if you are eligible in taking the board exam set by the PRC and Psychology Board.